Jan. 18th, 2011

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Welp, so much for my hopes of being on hormones before my birthday. The RN I was recommended to has such a full schedule that it'll be late February before I even get in for a blood test... and it'll probably be a while after that before I can get prescribed any hormones. Too bad. Would have been nice to be able to track my transition along with my birthday. ^^;

I'm going to start making these posts public now, I think, since it's less about therapy now and more about the transition itself, which I'm not shy about at all. I generally despise the idea of New Years resolutions, but I did sort of make one this year, which was to not keep myself closeted for the sake of making others comfortable. I've almost come out at work a couple times when the subject of gender indirectly came up, and I did show off my cosplay pics to coworkers... who proceeded not to notice the fact that I was presenting female in the costume (granted, it was on a tiny tiny cell phone screen). I'm pretty sure they've all got it through their heads that I'm not straight, at least, considering how often I contribute to conversations about how attractive Viggo Mortensen and other similar actors are. >_>

I think I'll probably wait until I'm well into a hormone regimen before I come out at work, though. Make sure I've got my shit together, emotionally and mentally, before I toss that big heaping pile of stress on top of it all. ^^;


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