Apr. 14th, 2011

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Sakuracon 2011 is next week, and I'm really excited. :3

I've ordered a wig for my potential Twilight Sparkle cosplay. It's almost the right color, and it was on clearance, so this is nice. Unfortunately it doesn't have the stripe, nor does it have bangs. I ordered a weft in a pinkish color as well, so I may end up cutting and sort-of-styling this wig. If I do it'll be the first time I've ever even tried that, so as you can imagine I'm a little nervous. I found a three-quarter-sleeve v-neck that's just the right color, too, and its twin fit me pretty well, so that's that taken care of. This is going to be my Thursday/Sunday lazy-ass cosplay, because more than two days of Terezi in a row is enough to drive me quite mad.

I also need to make a horn out of model magic and lacquer it up. In theory that shouldn't be too involved. In practice... well. I also need to find an old-ish looking book. Twilight without books? Inconceivable!

In the presentation my friend and I put on at these conventions, we advise people not to half-ass things and not to wait until the last minute before preparing their costumes, and to never test drive them at conventions. I am terrible at taking my own advice, considering that not only have I test-driven all three of my costumes at conventions, I test-drove them all at Otakon, in Baltimore, in AUGUST (which is how I almost got heatstroke). On the other hand, I suppose this makes me an excellent example of what not to do...

We've ironed out a lot of the kinks in our presentation, but somehow it's still taking at least an hour to get through. Thankfully we have a full 90 minutes so there should still be plenty of time for questions at the end. I'm tempted to give out this blog as a contact point for people, even if more of my posts are me bitching about gender stuff than are cosplay-related.


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