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The title of this post refers to a certain type of artificial sweetener I've been trying to accustom myself to. It is also the explanation for why this attempt has failed.

I didn't touch on it in my previous post, aside from a passing mention, but a part of my transition will, by necessity, include a major change in dietary standards and amount of exercise, because my cholesterol is outside the acceptable range and the docs won't give me more than a very small dose of hormones unless I can get it under control.

Part of what I need to cut down on is carbohydrates. I wasn't aware that these posed a serious issue for cholesterol, but, well, doctor's orders, as they say. So, effective immediately, potatoes and rice are no longer staples of my diet. I'm slowly trying to find ways to make quinoa more palatable (curry sauce works nicely, but then curry is magic), and I'm eating yogurt much more frequently and not just for the digestive benefits.

No more croissants, no more english muffins (unless the whole wheat english muffins are any good), much less sugar intake (hence the abortive attempt to use a truly disgusting artificial sweetener, and the statement which birthed the title of this post). No more potato chips or corn chips. No more instant rice. No more sweet potato fries.

It's more than a little frustrating, but it's probably something I've needed to do for some time anyway. The fact that it has to do with my transition, however, and the fact that my continuing with transition is in many ways contingent on this will hopefully provide me with the motivation that I've seriously lacked in previous attempts.
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