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Akicon was pretty awesome. I think I'm going to have go back there next year. Smaller conventions have a totally different feel than the ginormous ones I usually attend. You see the same people over and over, and essentially continue conversations you started before. It's fun.

The panel went well, too. I sort of choked, but I managed to get everything out that really needed to be said. I even came out to them as part of it, which I don't think I could have seen myself doing in a room full of 30 strangers even a couple of months ago. We'll probably be doing another panel at Sakuracon, or at least I hope we will, because I really enjoy passing on skills to others. ^^

Pictures from the convention can be found here. There's also a folder for the couple of pictures I uploaded for Kumoricon.

Suggestions for upcoming cosplays accepted - I need a new cosplay because to be honest the hourlong makeup application of Terezi is starting to wear on me, even though I really love how I look when it's all done.
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Not that anyone presently reading this is going to be there, but next weekend is Akicon, an anime convention in the Pacific Northwest. Originally from Everett, it's going to be in Bellevue this year, so my local convention buddy and I are going to go. But, not only are we attending, we're actually running a panel!

The panel will be an introduction to cosplay (hey, that's even the name!) and will handle basic starter questions like where to find necessary materials, how to approach costume design, and of course hammering home the importance of hydration and the intimately linked issue of bathroom use in costume. I'm handling the slide show for it, and covering some topics that I have more experience with than my friend (she makes a lot of her own costumes and especially the props, whereas I've got a lot more experience with prosthetics and makeup effects).

I'm simultaneously eager and terrified. If this goes well, we might try to run a panel at the next Sakuracon (the other, much larger, local anime convention). There's already a bevy of cosplay panels there, so I'm not sure what we'll do for a topic, but I'm sure we can think of something. If nothing else, I can expand on my panel idea about gender roles in cosplay, and we can do that.



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