Oct. 22nd, 2010 03:39 pm
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Good: Finding cute t-shirts that are on sale.
Awesome: Getting ma'am'd by the sales lady!
Not so great: Why is so much of women's fashion so LOOKIT-MAH-BOOBS-tacular? I had to really dig to find shirts I think I'll be able to wear, since mine aren't real and thus I really can't show them all off at all. Scoop-necks, V-necks, I can't pull off any of those. Whatever happened to the silly cheap-o graphic tee that I look awesome in? I had to go to Hot freaking Topic to find those.
Lame: Dear new theater shop gal; when someone is clearly presenting female, including breasts, what possesses you to use male pronouns? =_=
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Right now, I'm downloading Left 4 Dead 2 over Steam (yay, Mac people get love from Valve) and considering playing some more Dead Rising 2. This, of course, after a little bit of Unhallowed Metropolis, which I've been rereading bit by bit lately. I think at this point it is fair to say that I have something of an obsession with zombies.

I find this especially interesting because I am an enormous hypochondriac. I actually avoided the anime Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni for two years because someone described it to me as a biological disaster involving airborne super-rabies (surprise surprise, I finally watched it and it didn't freak me out nearly as much as I thought it would). The same thing happened, or near enough, in Quarantine (and, of course,REC - no true zombie aficionado could resist seeing the original), but I ran straight for the theater when Quarantine came out because it included the magic word: zombie.

It has historically been the case that if something involves zombies I am basically guaranteed to buy and/or see it at some point. As a result I have seen some pretty horrible movies and read some pretty horrible books. Gangs of the Dead springs to mind. It's unfortunate, but the zombie movie genre has pretty much degenerated into "Well, fuck, I dunno, let's have some people lurch around and try to eat other people." This is especially disappointing for me because I really enjoy the subtext of early Romero; specifically, that zombies were more a force of nature than an antagonist, and that other humans and human nature in general were the real enemy. Now, it's just "well hey dead cannibals sure why not."

It is getting to the point where I voluntarily pass on some zombie-driven media. And that's a little sad. I actually didn't see the latest Romero movie because basically everyone I talked to said it was a complete mess, and after seeing Diary of the Dead I could believe it. This from someone who seriously made plans with a co-worker about how to best defend our workplace in the event of a zombie outbreak.

I guess fans and fandoms change over time. But I still really like zombies.
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Starting a new blog is always a little weird. Especially if you've left a string of abandoned blogs behind you for a variety of reasons. I suppose you could think of them like relationships, and that I broke up with my last blog and now I'm getting to know a new blog. At least that's better than thinking of them as children I've abandoned. I don't feel like as much of an asshole that way.

(One thing you'll find out, assuming you keep reading --and I keep updating-- is that I like to use bizarre metaphors.)

I have a lot of hats I wear. It's kind of hard to know where to start talking about myself as a result, but I suppose I have to start somewhere. I'm an avid bibliophile. I collect books. Most of them, I read. Some of them… not so much. But I have so many books they've effectively taken over my living space. I have serious packrat genes on both sides of my family, and as a result I can think of maybe 30 books total I've ever actually parted with willingly, and most of those were Pern and Anita Blake books that I really couldn't even look at anymore.

A significant portion of my book collection is taken up by roleplaying game books. I love tabletop gaming, and unfortunately I don't get to do it nearly enough, not least because I don't have a local group to do it with, so I have to get my pretendy funtimes on over the internet. Anyone who has attempted this will know how trying it is to get internet pretendy funtimes organized at all, let alone played on a regular basis. The lion's share of my RPG books come courtesy of White Wolf Game Studios, and I am a fan of the World of Darkness (preference: new > old) and Exalted. I also carry a torch in my heart for the late, lamented Aeonverse. However I've started branching out lately, and my most recent interest is Eclipse Phase, a transhumanist horror game.

Ah yes, there's something else I can talk about. I'm a transhumanist. That's kind of important. In Eclipse Phase jargon for some of the causes I support: +Morphological Freedom, +Immortality, +Open Source, -Capitalism. I eagerly await the Nerd Rapture and the opportunity to move to the nearest convenient Lagrange point, where I can spin up a temporary hab while I work on constructing the good ship Second Star to the Right and Straight On Till Morning, the starship I shall ride out into the great beyond in search of What Is Out There. The previous sentence was only slightly tongue-in-cheek. Slightly.

The astute will glean a few things from the list of causes in the above paragraph. It follows, thus, that I am indeed a socialist, or at least, a socialist-by-default, since transhumanism is sadly not a terribly popular political philosophy. I will surely expound on the details later, especially in light of the upcoming election and the sheer ignorance on public display in this nation.

The +Morphological Freedom entry might pose a somewhat more difficult challenge, so I'll address that next: I'm transgendered. Biologically male, identify female, and yet to undergo any hormone therapy. One side effect of this is that I have a somewhat nonstandard view of gender and biology in general. Being bisexual throws additional spin on the issue. This isn't something I talk about a lot, but I'm hoping to change that. Part of the reason for restarting my blog is that I want to document my transition, since I recently made an appointment for a gender therapist, which is pretty much the first step towards medical intervention (in this case, the aforementioned hormone therapy), assuming said therapist is convinced it's right for me. And if I'm convinced of the same - it's part of why I actually made the appointment, figuring out what the hell is going on myself. I would love to be able to alter my body without it being a gigantic medical clusterfuck of hormones and surgeries. Sadly, technology hasn't quite caught up to that standard. Hence my trepidation.

Now to antagonize a whole variety of internet people: I like anime and manga. I can already hear the calls of 'weeaboo!' And you know, maybe they're right, considering that I cosplay. But fuck them, I like cosplaying, and I like themes that anime and manga explore that American media largely won't touch. Of course, there are things I absolutely despite about some anime and manga and the subculture that follows them. But I can rant about that some other time. After I've marathoned Glass Mask or Rose of Versailles again. (Yes, again.)

This is getting long, and I'm getting hungry (that's something else I can get into, cooking), so I'll cut this off here and keep poking around with this journal's settings.


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